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Amateur theatre is popular in Ireland as nearly every parish or area has a hall or community centre to stage plays. It’s a social thing which brings a community together.

New members are always welcome, for roles either on or off-stage and we welcome all nationalities to perform with us!

Rehearsing has helped many a member survive the long Swedish winter!

Their first production hit the stage in May 2010, with two performances of A Wake in the West, a comedy set in the west of Ireland in the 1980s. It got a great reception from the Stockholm audience and encouraged the drama society to continue in its endeavor to perform Irish drama in Sweden.

Slow Travel Stockholm


Stockholm, Sweden

Plays to date

7 plays


88 people


Irish Drama


Irish In Sweden – Amateur Drama & Alcohol-Free Joe Our Man In Stockholm

This week Aidan from Stockholm's Spuds & Sill Drama Society joins me to talk about their upcoming production of "Cupid Wore Skirts", and I catch up with former Stockholm resident, actor, writer and director Joe O'Neill, who has sworn himself off alcohol for a year as part of a charity drive – with some interesting results… You can get tickets for "Cupid Wore Skirts" here: Joe's films can be found on YouTube, among them this one, "Toxic":